I have now had the pleasure of visiting this ancestral area yet and it is wonderful to have photographs of how it looked in my grandfather's time. The idea of this page came after I placed an old postcard picture of Bampton on my Besley page. This card had been in my father's possession for some years before I knew of it's existence so I figured there were bound to be more floating around in people's collections that other folk might like to enjoy also. Many many thanks to Molly (Martha Merson) Frost for all the old ones she is sharing with us and Steve for a couple of the new ones. We were very fortunate to be able to visit this village in late 2008 and walk the streets our ancestors walked. We even got a conducted tour around the bakery that once belonged to my great great grandfather Escott (which is still operating as a bakery - whow).   Cheers Adrienne
I have been given permission to include these next three postcards of Tiverton - circa 1880 - by the Tiverton museum. These photo are on their amazing "Virtual Victorians" website and they include recent photos of the same buildings or streets. You can go take a look yourself by clicking on their web address here -
Bike Shop
Escott Barn
Main Street
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Not much change here over the period of a century.